The Worship Ministries assist in maintaining the flow of worship in every aspect, helping to carry out the message of God’s Holy Word through:

Usher Ministry
Serves as the first representative of Jesus Christ for worshippers entering for service, and maintains an
atmosphere of reverence and order before, during, and after the service with a ready-to-serve attitude.

Welcoming Church Ministry
Welcomes and extends hospitality to all that enter any service where God can be magnified. This  ministry is designed to make all first-time guests and members feel welcome before services

Music Ministry
Enhancing worship through music and song by participation in various choirs: MGW Inspirational Choir, Men's Chorus, Senior Choir, and Mass Choir.

Diaconate Ministry
The diaconate body is comprised of men and women who have been approved by the Pastor and the church, and function as servants and partner with the Pastor in serving the needs of the church body.

Media Ministry
Assists with activities that help to inform and bring the church body together in services, celebrations, fellowship, and special events through church bulletins, flyers, amplified sound, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, website, social media, and other forms of communication.


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