Needs & Challenges

We have identified our top priorities for the Forward in Faith renovation project at First Baptist Church. Each item will help us further our mission of winning souls to Christ.

Before going too far into the Forward in Faith renovation project, it is important to ensure the structural soundness of the entire church. Roof repairs, chimney removal, and HVAC replacement will mean the church will be in good shape for years to come.

One of the most important components of the Forward in Faith renovation project is improving access to the building. The interior and exterior staircases make entry into the sanctuary difficult, if not impossible, for worshippers with health challenges or disabilities. By removing the external staircase and installing an elevator, all worshippers will be able to enter the sanctuary with ease.

Today, the Educational Building is separate from the main church building. This means that in order to enter the Educational Building from the sanctuary, people have to go outside and enter from a separate entrance. The Forward in Faith renovation project will connect the two buildings making it easy to transition between the two buildings without going outside, which will be extremely beneficial during inclement weather.

The Forward in Faith renovation project will make important updates to the sanctuary, which will provide a more comfortable setting that is conducive to worship. These updates include cosmetic changes such as new carpeting, reupholstered pews, new lighting fixtures, as well as the more extensive construction of a redesigned pulpit and choir loft area.

First Baptist Church is an active congregation that regularly hosts meals and functions. The Forward in Faith renovation project will redesign the Fellowship Hall and kitchen area making it easier to host large groups at church and community functions.